5 reasons why you should love Reggae Music

  1. Powerful beat

The Reggae beat is unmistakable plus you just can’t get enough of it. The beginning of the song is usually characterized by the smooth rolling of drums, followed by the crack of snares and the crash of cymbals. Next, comes the familiar mighty reggae kick that comes down with the impact and authority of a magistrate’s hammer. All this percussion coupled with a heavy bass line and an occasional trumpet sound makes the reggae beat irresistible.

  1. Amazing lyrics

I am not talking about dancehall, I am talking about roots. Reggae, unlike Hip-hop and Rock, is lyrically rich. It is inspiring to the mind and the soul. Reggae music speaks against crime and injustice in the society and government. It particularly condemns police brutality and corruption in the government. Reggae music is also spiritually uplifting. Unlike Hip-hop and Rock, many Reggae songs can be performed in churches. There are no diss tracks in Reggae, Respect, love and positivity is the definition of this genre.

  1. Humility and simplicity of the artists

So many music videos are packed with glamour, depicting expensive mansions, sleek cars, sophisticated yachts and fancy attire. However, in Reggae, things are done differently. Though they are rich, Reggae artist prefer to be simple. They dress and act like ordinary people. They don’t insult fans or beat up journalists. They are generally cool individuals.

  1. Reggae is universal

It does not matter who you are; blacks, whites, Asians, Latinas, all love Reggae.

  1. Names of Reggae Ambassadors carry a message

Jah cure

Burning spear

Mighty slaves

Jah watchman

Mighty culture

Wailing souls

Black uhuru

Jah mason