George Romero dies at 77

George Romero- Director -'Night of the Living Dead" 1968 Classic Zombie Horror Film

July 17, 2017

By Media Critic

Sources reveal that the pioneer of the Zombie genre of Horror movies died on Sunday July 16, with his loving wife and daughter by his side. It is said that Mr. Romero died peacefully after a long battle with lung cancer. Mr. Romero rose to popularity when he directed the 1968 'Night of the Living Dead' classic horror film.

By 1978, the film had raked in a massive $12 and $15 million at the American box office and $30 million worldwide. It was translated into more than 25 languages and released across Europe, Canada and Australia.

Today is almost 50 years since its release and the film continues to enjoy the reputation of a classic. It also continues to receive positive reviews. Rotten Tomatoes collected 52 reviews and gave the film a 96% "Certified Fresh". 

Due to the films popularity and dominance, several independent film companies have also done remakes of the film:

  • Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection (2012)
  • A Night of the Living Dead (2014)
  • Night of the Living Dead: Genesis (2017)
  • Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth (2017)

Though departed from us, George Romero leaves behind a big legacy in the movie industry. May his soul rest in eternal peace!