3 Day Nanny’s 5 Tips on Disciplining Children who are out of Control

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3 Day Nanny’s 5 Tips on Disciplining Children who are out of Control

  1. Avoid the don’ts

Too much of ‘do not do this or that’- will not have any effect on a disrespectful kid. Why? The kid gets used to it. It robs them of any sense of personal responsibility for their actions. It may be hard but allow kids to face consequences for their actions. They will not repeat it next time. If you frequently tell them not to do it, they will do it because they know you must intervene. Who will be in control? It’s them and not you. If they are in control, they will always manipulate you and that is tragic.

       2. Initiate conversations

Although they are babies they do not like to be treated like babies. Talk with them. For instance, when they are fighting during meal time, ignore the fighting and ask a question like ‘honey, how was school today’? As they respond to your question, the conversation will get them distracted from the fight and concentrate on the meal before them. Conversations should substitute the don’ts!

       3. Be firm

Your no should be no, no matter their reaction. They should know your stand concerning particular issues. If you always give in to their demands they will control you. Sleep time is sleep time. If they cry so as to get your attention, try to ignore them. Finally they will sleep and they will get used to it. Do not entertain the feeling that they will not love you because of your strictness. Contrary they will respect you more.

       4. Do not yell

When you yell, you are not correcting but fighting with your kids. Soon, they will act senselessly and yell back at you. That will be your worst nightmare.

       5. Discipline should be a combined effort of both parents

Dads are fond of playing the ‘Good Cop’ in the family. When disciplining children, both parents should speak with one voice. If parents do not combine efforts in disciplining children, bad behavior will persist since one parent permits it. The child will be thinking, ‘what I am doing is ok since mom has no problem with it; it’s only dad who has a problem. I am going to do it since mom will defend me from dad’.