5 Factors that Destroy Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

July 22, 2017

By Media Critic

1. Failure to communicate

There can be no intimacy without communication, whether verbal or non-verbal. Communication requires an attentive loving ear and a willingness to be vulnerable bu one's heart to the other.

2. Failure in confidence

Mutual trust is basic to intimacy. It takes time and care to build this trust especially to woo and win the confidence of the spouse with a lo self-image or adverse deep emotional involvement in the past.

3. Fondness of criticism

Constant criticism of a partner's appearance, conduct or anything makes intimacy difficult. Positive words of praise and encouragement will help the couple enjoy talking with each other in open sharing.

4. Unresolved conflicts

Husband and wife should resolve issues as they arise in order to prevent any possible build up of rage and resentment that will be hostile to any loving intimacy. The couple should never go to bed with unresolved conflicts. A conflict becomes a problem when it is not quickly resolved.

5. Failure to be considerate

Intimacy grows as husband and wife are considerate to each other. The couple have to understand each other's needs and meet them in sensitive loving ways in order to develop intimacy.




10 Effective ways to discipline your Child


July 22, 2017

by Media Critic

When parents bring kids into this world, they are tasked with disciplining them so that they can become responsible adults.This can be an uphill task for many parents. Hollywood teaches us different methods of diciplining our childern. However, below are 10 effective principles that a parent should consider when administering discipline.

1. Encourage honest questions from your child

Teach your children by allowing them to ask questions in the right attitude and spirit. You should be a good listener.

2. Explain the reasons for disciplining your child

You need to share your  understanding with your children without being judgemental or superior in any manner. Children can be very practical and sensible, and taking time to reason with them is a worthwhile investment. Tell them where they have gone wrong, tell them why it is wrong and whydiciplining is important.

3. Show consistency in disciplining your child

Show consistency in the way you discipline your child. Hit and miss methods of discipling a child robs him/her of confidence and trust in you as a parent. 

4. Enforce restrictions

Give the child some freedom, do not dominate. However, put restrictions or boundaries. For example, you can say to your kid, "You can go out with your friends but be home before 5:00 pm". 

5. Do not threaten or snarl at your child

6. Allow the child to make choices, do not dominate.

7. Avoid displaying frustration when disciplining your child

To the child, a parent's display of frustration might be an incentive to continue misbehaving.

8. Reward good behavior

9. Lead by example

Do not throw around curse words or say nasty things about the neighbor and expect your child to not copy after you. Be a good role model for your child.

10. Spank when necessary

I know modern parenting has no room for spanking but believe me, those who have been spanked cannot throw that "whatever" word at their mom or dad. Spanking is Biblical and God cannot be wrong.

Good luck!


10 Secrets to a Happy Marriage- Part II

July 17, 2017

by Media Critic

1. Understand your Spouse

Marriage involves an ever-changing relationship between husband, wife and children. Some of the changing events, which demand constant adjustments are pregnancies, the arrival of each child, illness, death, job changes, promotions or demotions and moving. How can ever-changing people remain united as partners? There is need for constant communication.

2. Sexually fulfill your Spouse

Over 60% of marital problems originate from sexual fulfillment between a husband and wife. For sexual satisfaction, couples must be in love. Ignoring, mistreating and belittling between partners affects love and hence sexuality. However, sex should never be used as a weapon between couples. Before sex, there should be preparations e.g. forgiving one another, privacy, cleanliness and foreplay. Generally men reach orgasm faster than women hence the need for enough foreplay. 

3. Have fun with your Spouse

Fun includes but not limited to games, joking, cooking together, swimming together and going out for dinner. It is good to keep fit by regularly exercising. Couples can go out for a walk or jog together.

4.  Treasure your Spouse

Let him/her be your best friend. Do some of the things you used to do during courtship.

5. Worship together

Going to church together or any other place of worship strengthens the relationship between married couples. They become spiritually bonded together.


10 Secrets to a Happy Marriage- Part I

July 16, 2017

by Media Critic

Achieving a happy permanent marriage is not rocket science; try out these simple tricks and wait for results.

1. Love your Spouse

Love is action, doing kind deeds and saying kind words. Couples need to love each other unconditionally. Do not love your spouse because she cooks well, washes your clothes, he buys nice things for you. Love also does not keep a record of wrongs. If you love forgive wholeheartedly and don't wait for a perfect opportunity to bring it out again. Love helps, smiles, complements and a thousand more. Always be the right mate; forget whether you found the right mate.

2. Accept you Spouse

When couples are in courtship, they overlook many things. When they start a home  they find that they actually have weaknesses and shortcomings. Do not compare, be yourself, it is your right. Your spouse should accept you as you are. Do not major on your spouses negative side. Instead focus on the positives and amplify that. Watchout for unconstructive criticism. Always strive to criticize one another in love and constructively. Do not belittle your spouse or make them feel bad about themselves. Every word that comes out of your moth should build your spouse. Do not apply the silent treatment but be open; share your feelings and misunderstandings. Reasoning together is a powerful problem solver for couples.

3. Appreciate your Spouse

Appreciate your spouse's beauty, skills, dressing, contributions in the marriage and many more. Appreciate the little effort your spouse does and the best way to do this is saying 'thank you'. Both spouses come from different backgrounds and therefore differences must arise e.g. a spouses way of conversation, actions or attitude may be offensive to the other person. Talk about your differences and come to an understanding of each other's views and actions. This will avert any possible conflict and promote appreciation and peace. Talking things over will make a couple adjust and adopt to their honest differences of opinion. Either spouse should take the responsibility of restoring unity. Be kind to one another, do not use harsh words or raise your voice at your spouse, control your tongue. When you hurt your spouse, be quick to confess and ask for forgiveness. Encourage your spouse, do not tear down each other.

4. Communicate with your Spouse

Communication is both verbal and non-verbal. Silence and gestures, just like speech, speak volumes in a marriage. It is good to share with your spouse when you are confused or not happy about something. Share about your investments and projects with your spouse. Learn to be transparent. With the increase of technology, the communication gap grows wider and wider. Yes, those smartphones are cool gadgets but use them wisely. Give your spouse undivided attention. Some spouses do not talk or laugh with one another but they laugh loudly with somebody else on social media. This really hurts and can easily cause conflict in a marriage. Remember to always speak truthfully with one another.

5. Support you Spouse

When you feel that all have rejected you, you have the assurance that you will not be rejected at home.